Monday, 21 November 2016



  Kerala is one of the charming and cultural beauty in India, exceptional natural beauty claims the name “god’s own country”. Kerala provides the tourist with a memorable experience and the backwater tourism option which delight to your holiday with pleasure and leisure. The backwater tourism in Kerala, the god’s own country achieves more attention all over the world. Alleppey is the final destination of backwater tourism that explores the real beauty of nature. Alleppey is the district, immense a vast network of canals ,lake and fresh water river, an aquatic paradise, including most varieties of biodiversity ,this backwater consist of a unique animals and bird life.A stunning attraction of Alleppey is the houseboat ride.

  One of the most beautiful attractions is Alleppey houseboats. The traditional Kerala houseboats are used for cruising through the scenic backwater. During the houseboat cruising, experience the unique world of water Wonderland. Sailing in houseboat we get an enchanting experience it sure to rob your heart. Palm, fringe narrow canals and surrounded the water body and wide expansion of green paddy field and uniformly lined hamlets along either side of the canal. Well furnished houseboats also provide much of eye catching views. The largest backwater is situated in the vembanattu kayal it is blessed with amazing natural beauty, the midst of expanding calmness of water .Many unique features of aquatic species are crab, mud skipper and frogs. Another attraction is the variety of birds like king fisher and graceful crow, darters and acrobatics.
Several traditional villages are situated in the shore line. The shoreline is dotted with tropical land, palm, and coconut tree and banana plantation. Another attracted feature is the green paddy field of kuttanad Kerala is characterized by different religious and cultural harmony. Kerala has something special for all tastes. Its widely varied topography, if features are varied with its culture and tradition which shows art of the architecture. Misty hills, golden beaches, paddy field, scenic village and calm backwater, ancient temples and different art form permit the visitors to enjoy varies retreats.

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