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Water sprite tours areone of the famous houseboat tours in Alleppey. This Alleppey houseboats hasbeen in the cordiality business for long. Giving superb duties and rates, appointments are open at this houseboat tours, at all circumstances amid the year. There is no season or off-season with regards to giving  you a satisfying houseboat encounter. The booking rates, additionally fuse delectable Kerala culinary pleasures. The Alleppey houseboats tours utilize a down to business approach with regards to consolidating quality administration at esteem for-cash rates.


The houseboats in Alleppey invite nature’s darlings to encounter the divine magnificence of the backwaters of Kerala. You can appreciate, unwind and visit the distinctive parts of the backwaters. The differing territory gives picturesque joys that you can see and relish. The campaigns on these best houseboats in Alleppey are a chance to see the embodiment of backwaters in a legacy styled houseboat. Appreciate an all encompassing background in a standout amongst the most salubrious settings on the substance of the planet. There are distinctive sorts of convenience accessible. You can pick between Standard, Deluxe or Premium.

The Alleppey houseboats trip gives various packages. The Alleppey Round One Night Package gives you a chance to investigate the backwaters inside a day. You set sail and achieve Kayal by evening. After an extravagant lunch arranged in the kitchen of the houseboat, you begin the voyage once more. This is one of the remarkable houseboats in Alleppey, for example, these turn into a solid motivation to visit the backwaters of Alleppey. For long, this locale has been just a periphery backwater goal. However, with the setting up of value houseboat organizations, the inundation of travelers has risen generously consistently. Right now, Alleppey is a well known goal in Kerala. It is very suited for wedding trip visits, backwater trips, individual excursions and corporate excursions. Water sprite tours convey forward the light of respect that Alleppey has picked up by offering extravagance houseboats in Alleppey. It conveys forward the legacy of this beautiful locale, with exceptional client benefit.

In spite of this opposition, this  organization has come up as one of the top houseboats in the backwaters. The administration has more than a thousand houseboats in operation. Overnight treks around Alleppey are a definitive intends to experience the fellowship of ecstatic isolation. The various and grand scenery of this captivating area amuses and revives you. 

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Origin of Snake Boat Race in Kerala

Alleppey is the most striking backwater location in Kerala. Alleppey houseboats are one of the unique attractions in Kerala tourism . It’s criss -cross of canals and beaches have rightly gotten  it’s name” Venice of East”.  The Boat race is the prominent sports and traditional competition, which is generally conducted in  monsoon in the backwater or predominant lakes. Alleppey that well known for evening cruise deal and Kerala houseboat package in backwaters includes taste and a completely different color about the event of Nehru trophy boat race.

There are numerous boat race in Alleppey each has its own story clubbed together with fabled and methodological tales.  It is one of the venues  of Nehru trophy boat race. It is the world famous boat race that still retains its amateur status. While historic and traditional sports events similar to the Kerala boat events turned wholly commercial over recent time, this unique Alleppey boat race spectacle still retains its vibrant village festival’s spirit. The race between the innumerable chundanvalloms or the snake boat race. Among many boat races are held in the season Nehru trophy race is the most popular boat race in Kerala.thousand of locals,domestic and international tourist are flocks to Kerala for this particular boat race. The Kerala’s snack boat race is one of the largest team sports in the world.

Nehru trophy boat race is the name after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is flag off the first  boat race so it is  conduced on the punnamada lake on the second Saturday of August in every year.On the day of this boat race, the lakefront is transformed into a sea of humanity around two lakh people including tourist from abroad for watching it.  Snake boat architecture was taken form from the king had dropped great losses and wanted to kiss success with a strong boat which could withstand the extreme attack.There are hymns and songs which are extraordinary and exclusively composed being sung amidst the cheering crowd of boat race.These singers represent ashtadikpalakas. There are diverse boat sungs compiled of classical trait and musical butchery. These community songs are very popular and a perfect blend of variety ,different voice modulations  having beautiful lyrics and behold legendary stories,mythological drama sequence and witticism all which imbibe utmost simplicity. Apart from the race of chundanvallom and smaller country craft and the event has in store many fascinating moment .The stunning snakes synchronized method boats allow it to be a rare vision because of which Nehru trophy boat race emerged as the most popular boat race in Kerala.

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A Complete Guide on Kerala Houseboat Trip & Backwaters

A Complete Guide on Kerala Houseboat Trip Backwaters 

Why are backwaters in Kerala unique?
At better places on the state's scenes, there are urban groups and towns, which go about at the start and finishing reasons for houseboat ventures. These backwaters have been honored with an exceptional biological community, where the waters of the Arabian Sea meet the freshwater of the waterways.  In a few spots, for example, Vembanad Kayal (Kumarakom), a bank has been made so that the fresh water of the lake doesn't get blended with salt water of the ocean. This water is utilized for the purpose of irrigation. The backwaters are home to various types of ocean creatures including frogs, crabs, mud skippers, alongside water fowls, for example, darters, terns, cormorants, and kingfishers. Turtles and otters can likewise be found here. Thick brambles, palm trees, a few verdant plants and Pandanus bushes on the banks of the backwater, shape a lavish sight.
Opt for the best Kerala backwaters for your houseboat trip
Affectionately called the 'Venice of the East', Alleppey is the most prevalent backwater goal of Kerala, favored with the bounteous grand appeal of tidal ponds, lakes and freshwater waterways. An overnight journey or a houseboat day voyage would be a superb approach to investigate Alleppey and its attractions. Food is a part of the houseboat and is incorporated into the cost of the visitors. Alongside three dinners, visitors can likewise relish evening nibble with the tea on-board a houseboat voyage. Vegetables and fish dishes are staples, in any case, changes can be made as one the customer's need.
Opting from Day- Cruise or Overnight Kerala Houseboat
Vacationers have an alternative to browse a day-trip on a houseboat and overnight remain in a houseboat. The day voyage starts sooner than the overnight houseboat and travels till 5'o check at night. This alternative is better for the individuals who are going with children or senior residents who won't not be comfortable at night and additionally for the individuals who have an early morning flight. The beginning stage of both these travels is either from Alleppey or from Kumarakom. Kerala houseboat booking should be possible at both the spots. It is important to determine the food inclination veggie lover or non-vegan. Plans for angling and kayaking should be possible on demand.There are some such houseboats in Kerala that start from a particular point and then the next morning they arrive back that point to leave the tourists.
Planning honeymoon on a Kerala Houseboat
Individuals recently married couples who are on their wedding trip on a houseboat of Kerala, exceptional courses of action like blossom embellishment, flame light supper thus one can be made on demand to make them feel sentimental and unique. To make your vacation in Kerala more extraordinary and mix it up houseboat trip.
Food Menu on Kerala Houseboat

When you choose a night remain on a houseboat in Kerala, you are served every one of the three dinners inside the houseboat. Suppers on Kerala houseboat incorporate, for example, South Indian, Continental, North Indian and claim to fame being conventional valid Keralite cooking. Neighborhood angle delicacy is the highlight. The cooks are specialists in their field. Before going into the pontoon, you can likewise determine your decision of oil-sunflower oil or coconut oil

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Mesmerizing holiday with Alleppy Houseboats

Backwaters of Alleppey
Achain of harsh tidal ponds and waterways connecting five extensive lakes,Kerala Backwaters, Alleppey houseboats is a labyrinth of water bodies extending more than 900 kilometers. Backwaters are a standout amongst the most essential part of tourism in Kerala, the backwaters were utilized generally as conduits to ship rice and flavors starting with one place, then onto the next in kettuvalloms, which now forms the major tourist attraction and ferry tourists travel from one destination to another. 

Alleppey frequently contrasted with Venice cov   ered as it is with waterways and coconut palm-shaded roads - fills in as the passage to Kerala Backwaters. Be that as it may, the entrancing ride from the verifiable town of Kollam to the Alappuza, which additionally happens to be the longest, is thought to be as the best parts of Kerala backwater tourism. The ride isn't just giving a look into the spirit extinguishing greenery that Kerala is honored with additionally a look at the town life and the provincial economy of the state.

Alleppey Houseboats

Recorded among the greatly famous attractions and the most occurrence things to do in Alleppey is houseboat cruising. Travelers from various parts of the world come to Kerala to appreciate the grand magnificence and quietness of its backwaters through houseboat. Customarily alluded as Kettuvalloms, houseboats in Alleppey were the primary method of transportation of products starting with one town then onto the next when the current transport strategies were not created. These Kettuvallams are made of bamboo posts and wooden sheets which are entwined by coconut ropes and bamboo tangles and covers. One can arrange a houseboat remain as these houseboats are all around encouraged with all fundamental necessities. Houseboats in Alleppey will take you to the untouched and unexplored corners. Journey through the backwaters of Kerala, love the striking passing attractiveness, spot colorful birds and feel the cool wind streaming over your face. Without a doubt, it has been one of the unmatched encounters forever, one can ever have. Houseboats in Alleppey are accessible as indicated by spending one can manage the cost of and offices/extravagances one needs to appreciate. A houseboat is accessible in all sizes with a choice of number of rooms, a deck, a kitchenette, restroom, an open parlor range and then some. You are joined by a rower, a prepared cook and a guide.

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Kerala tour packages

A perfect family trip to the land of the backwaters
Alleppeybackwaters are excellent travel attractions in Kerala tour packages. The place has a wonderful climate for the whole year and this is the reason, tourists came here anytime of the year they wish. Tourists can hire luxury boats for planning a royal houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Alleppey. While large and luxury houseboats are hired for river and lake exploring with the family, Inner canals can be explored by Canoes or Country Boats, which should be included as itineraries for your family day out in Alleppey.

Alleppey Tourism at a Glance
Alleppey is famous for the backwaters in Kerala, the city of Alleppey is also known as 'Venice of the East' because of its natural beauty. It includes the entertainments like beaches, temples, boat races, Ayurvedic spa and wellness centers. Dotting the coastline of the Arabian Sea, Alleppey is the oldest planned backwater town of Kerala. This place is famous for its numerous rivers traversed the Sea and is home to many canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons.  The backwaters coupled with houseboats and the tropical village life makes Alleppey worth a visit.

Houseboats in Alleppey
            The cruising in a Houseboat through the backwaters is really a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The Kettuvallam is held together with coir bonds.  The boat is made of jack-wood joined together with coir. With careful maintenance, a Kettuvallam can last for generations. Today, the houseboats have all the creature comforts of a good hotel, including furnished bedrooms, hygienic toilets, luxurious living rooms, full equipped kitchen and even a balcony for fishing. While most boats are maintained by local oarsmen. Boat-trains - formed by joining two or more houseboats together are also used by families and large groups of sightseers. What is truly magical about a houseboat ride is the mind-blowing view of the untouched and beautiful rural area that it offers, while you float!

Homestays in Alleppey
            In our watersprite tours offer a power-packed combo of exclusive accommodation and food. The Homestays are equipped with a sleeping area, western-style toilets, dining area and a lounge on the deck; it is available in varying sizes to suit visitors. These floating cottages are slow-moving, easy motorized vehicles fit with generators. Just make sure that you get the bookings done well in advance with us. Otherwise, Alleppey is very tourist friendly and there is no dearth of exclusive or budget hotels, cottages or Homestays in and around Alleppey.

Best Time for Visit in Alleppey
            You can plan your trip in Alleppey at anytime you want. The best part of planning a family vacation to Alleppey is, you can enjoy here anytime with your family and kids; however, wintry season attracts a huge flow of tourists as it is the best time to enjoy the outside climate of Kerala with its backwater beauty. Winter season starts here from November onward and continues till February end. Temperature remains in the range of 23-25 degrees, which is soothing and perfect for outdoor excursions as well.