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Houseboat Cruising with Water Sprite Tours

Water Sprite Tours
            Water sprite tours satisfy the incredible needs of the customers and it’s one of the top houseboats in Kerala. It’s the only place where you can fulfill your dreams which makes this as complete destination where you can spend your holidays in Kerala houseboats. Water sprite tours is engaged in the field of solar zapped, Deluxe A/C Kerala houseboats with customer choices and also focusing on certain projects by understanding its future. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Alleppey houseboats with grace and elegance that characterize you on your special occasions.
Why Water Sprite Tours?
            We provide you with the underlying platform to enable your pervasive location to help our visitors with a wide array of customer experience. As we are marked as the best houseboats in Alleppey, we are very responsible for satisfying our customers, we are continually looking for different ways to spread out and develop the expansion to deliver a better offerings to our clients.
Services Provided by Water Sprite Tours
·         Alleppey Houseboats
            The  cruise  in our Alleppey Houseboats will give you an unforgettable experience on the backwaters in Alleppey. Our deals are the best Kerala tour packages in the tourism industry that will truly delight you. Water sprite tours, deals at the best offers in tourism starting from an affordable price range. Get pleasure from the unique experience of cruising through the backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat. The flat-bottomed, barge like has been renovated with a modern interior design, at the same time respecting the character and ethnicity of houseboats. The journey in a houseboat is a wonderful experience for the people from different parts of the world and they can experience the real life of the villages in Alleppey. Journey in Alleppey backwater gives a typical Kuttanad experience, where Punnamada the famous Boat Race occurs once in every year, which also has many remarkable aspects emanating from its culture. Four to Five hours travel   in these luxury houseboats gives you a complete picture of Kumarakom and Alappuzha Backwaters.
·         Water Sprite Houseboat Packages

Ø  Water Sprite 3 Bedroom Premium Houseboat
Water sprite tours offer the three double rooms with its attached bathrooms follow the atmosphere with the amenities of the best hotels in Alleppey. One of the main specialty is that the rooms are spacious and clean with the free breakfast facility, with 22hrs A/c rooms and the Living region, provide cuisines of south Indian and continental dishes, soft beverage, natural products and music framework with the receiver and wifi attached at affordable prices. With the first class services you need to make your stay as pleasurable as feasible.
Ø  Water Sprite King Premium Houseboat
Water Sprite King is a deluxe a/c houseboat having 01 double room with attached bathroom, living come dining and fully furnished kitchen. We are offering, A/C Deluxe rooms, hot and cold water, two type Breakfast (South Indian & Continental), Well furnished & Very equipped Houseboat..
·         Water Sprite Houseboat trip

Ø  Overnight stay in Houseboat: -
For the overnight cruise in houseboat, the check-in is at 12 pm with the warm welcome with tender coconut water.  Houseboat journey starts at 01:00 Pm and after the lunch break  for one hour the houseboat continue its cruising to another destination, and goes for a tea break before the sunset. After the sunset they offer a country boat ride, village walk, paddy field visit and fishing. Then house boat journey starts at 7.30 in the morning through the backwaters and check out in Alleppey at 08:30 Am.
Ø  Day cruise:-
            Compared with the over-night stay in houseboat day cruise is low priced. Day cruise is more recommended for families with kids and grandparents. The check in Time is 10.30 a.m. and they welcome you with tender coconut water with a traditional Kerala recipe of tapioca and spicy fish curry, they prepare lunch break before the sun set and again starts the tea break at 4.00 pm and after the journey through the backwaters will check out in Alleppey at 5.00 p.m.
Ø  Night stay in Houseboat:-
Night stay in Houseboat is more suitable for Honeymoon couples that make them feel romantic eve. Honeymoon in houseboat cruise is a wonderful experience with memorable honeymoon options like flower bed arrangement, wedding cake, candle light dinner in the boat. The check in for cruising through the backwater starts at 6:00 Pm with Tea and snacks. The dinner is at 9.00 pm and again the cruising is started in the morning 07:30 Am and check out in Alleppey at 09:00 AM.
·         Homestay in Alleppey
Water Sprite Homestay located on the bank of Vemband Lake. Calm and serene atmosphere and a better hospitality are the very specialty of the Water Sprite Homestay, this place makes you feel as your own home with its best hospitality. The competent service is incomparable and you never want to leave this place once you are here. The Water Sprite Homestay delivers you a memorable trip to Alleppey. The stunning and Beautiful natural sceneries all around can contemplate  your eyes and you can get a peaceful atmosphere.

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Houseboats in Alleppey

Perfect Honeymoon Destinations In Alleppey
              Newlyweds!If you are in a search of a perfect Honeymoon destination in Kerala, then yoursearch ends here, as we take you on a virtual tour across the enchanting awesomeness of the houseboats in Kerala. Kerala, also known as ‘Gods Own Country’, blessed with the memorizing charisma of nature’s magic. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India that has been attracting tourists from Far and wild lately. The abundance in its serene beauty, rich and varied culture, the exciting, diverse folklores, exotically exquisite cuisine, and Ayurvedic treatment to rejuvenate the body and the soul, together from a combination of the soothing inclination that appeases a traveler’s wanderlust.
 The Kerala tour packages comprise of Alleppey Houseboats cruising forms one of the major attraction that has been luring tourist from all over the world for quite some time now. Your Honeymoon Kerala tour packages is incomplete without a sojourn across the backwaters and do not forget to include the spice of a chilling luxury houseboat stay. When to have plans to spend some leisure time with your partners, we cannot think of recommending a honeymoon destination better than Kumarakom and Alleppey in our luxury Houseboat.
Exploring The Alleppey Backwaters
                  Kerala is popular for its enormous destinations, though Alleppey and Kumarakom stand out among the west. We would recommend you to choose your houseboat cruise across the most popular backwater route that consist of Alleppey backwaters round and the Kumarakom backwaters round where you can leisurely enjoy the magical pleasure while exploring the exquisiteness an delightful ambience of a houseboat cruise along the backwaters. The Alleppey backwater round trip is one of the major attractions of the Alleppey houseboat cruise. The cruising moves across Kuttanad and while on the cruise the tourists can enjoy the attracting charms of the greenery that blankets the backwaters with the beckoning coconut palm fringes at the river banks. You will be left excite at the sight of these trees that touch the skies with their branches bending precariously over the water, sometimes that you can find  only along the backwaters of Kerala. If you are on a honeymoon spree and have chosen a houseboat cruise as your romantic destination, then you can request for a special candlelight dinner, floral decorations, etc.. On your cruise to match the theme of your tour.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Enjoy Your Honeymoon Vacations in Kerala Houseboats

Alappuzha – ‘Venice of the East’  is made more proud by elegantly constructed Alleppey houseboats, provide all the facilities as in cozy hotel. Delight in the essential beauty and serenity, tourists could spend a full day as well as night in houseboats in Kerala. Tourists are more attracted to Alleppey houseboats due to the amenities provided as well as Kerala dishes. Houseboats in Alleppey provides all modern technologies as in the house. They are equipped with all modern comforts and safely equipments to make your stay a pleasant safe experience. They are luxuriously furnished with an open lounge, deck or one or two bath attached bathrooms and a well appointed kitchen. To complete the traditional way of rowing using large poles, outboard engines are also provided. 


          Homestay in Alleppey has a lot of options to offer couples and honeymooners in Kerala tour packages  by which they can make their honeymoon holiday in more and memorable ways. There are beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, verdant hill station, lovely lakes, rich flora and fauna, breathtaking backwaters etc., which are enough to make the  perfect holidays for couples. No anywhere in other state of India, honeymooners can find so many options for their precious honeymoon
          There are specially arranged luxury houseboats for honeymoon couples, that make them feel a heavenly  atmosphere. Honeymoon in houseboat cruise is a wonderful experience  that is hard to describe in words. For the newlyweds, the cruise through the enhancing Kerala backwaters with solitude and picturesque sights very romantic. The alleppey houseboats redefines with shining wooden floors and luxurious amenities. Experience the simple joy of life amidst the elegant embrace of mist, enhanced by pleasant consensus of  singing birds. Green stretches of paddy field with long rows of pawing coconut trees, as time seems to stand still while drift along. 

          On a honeymoon houseboat package, you will get a separate one bedroom single houseboat all for yourselves with memorable honeymoon specialities with flower bed arrangement, wedding cake, candle light dinner in the houseboat etc. so get set on a honeymoon in houseboat cruise for a real romantic encounter. Water sprite tours are without doubt an intelligent choice by newlywed to spend their precious honeymoon time. You can choose from a wide range of houseboat type – Deluxe AC, Economical non AC, Luxuary types according to your taste and liking.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Alleppey Houseboats

          The houseboats in Alleppey are the new addition to the  travel and tourism of the state backwaters. It takes great skill and meticulousness to construct these giant houseboats by using huge planks of jack wood together. There used to be an entire clan  of artisans who were involved in houseboat construction. Today, an innovative holiday idea has restored these monumental representatives of a unique culture and with them their makers

Alleppey, popularly known as the Venice of the East, is the most popular backwater destination and is a place of boundless natural beauty with lakes, lagoons and fresh water rivers and a houseboat day cruise or an overnight stay is a  must if you visit tourist place in Alleppey
The Alleppey houseboats that cruise these emerald waterways are a spontaneity on the large country barges, which were an essential part of the land’s ethos days gone by. Modified to meet a novel concept of holidaying, the houseboats are adequately furnished with an open lounge, one or two bath attached bedrooms and a kitchenette, and are very Eco friendly, merging smoothly into the panorama. Every houseboat is manned by a crew of 3 men usually a cook, guide and oarsman
In a houseboat cruise food is also an included part and complete along with lunch, dinner and evening snacks are provided to the board of houseboats. Though based on the tradition of fish and vegetables, in keeping with the demands of sophisticated clientele, the cuisine served a board on a houseboats in Alleppey vary depending on the client’s requirements.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The Kerala backwaters are a network interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, a labyrinthine system formed by more than 900 kilometers of  waterways. In the midst of the landscape there are  a number of towns and cities, which serve as the starting and end point of backwater cruise. It is one of the best packages in  Kerala tour packages. Vembanad is the largest of the lake covering an area of 2033 km. The lake has a large number of canals that meander through the region of Kuttanad. The backwaters in Alleppey has a unique ecosystem, fresh water from the river meet the sea water in the Arabian sea. A barrage has been built near Thannermukkom, so saltwater from the sea is prevented from deep inside, keep the fresh water intact.   


             Alleppey is an important tourist destination in India. Alleppey backwaters are world famous and is the most popular tourist attraction in Kerala. It connects Kumarakom and Cochin toward the north and Quilon to the south. Alappuzha is also the access point for the annual Nehru trophy boat race, held on the punnamada lake, is the most competitive and most popular of boat race in India. One cruise of the backwaters of Alappuzha is one of the most popular cruises offered. A round trip, in which you board the boat at Alappuzha and disembark at Alappuzha after having spent the night in the tranquility of the backwaters. The houseboats in Alleppy have all the creature comfort of good hotel, including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, spacious living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. Parts of the curved roof or wood or plaited palm open out to provide shade and  allow uninterrupted views. While most boats are poled by local oarsmen, boat trains formed by joining two or more house boat together are also used by a large group of sightseers.

            The boat moves from quiet, while cruising one visits villages to see coir making, paddy fields, temples and beaches en route still sunset. Sunset in the backwaters is magical. At night, the boat is anchored to beauteous quiet part of the lake, as people dream about the passing scenes they have seen through the day lulled by the ripping backwaters. The most popular boarding points are Kumarakom. Alleppey, Thottapally, Alumkadavu near Kollam. Though one may opt for the traditional cuisine of fish and vegetables, most of the houseboats offer a far more sophisticated and cosmopolitan menu for the benefit of their guests. There is a expert cook on each houseboat that offers ethnic meals and fish delicacies such as white prawn, pearl spotted fish, crabs and mussels, which are specialities of the region.

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Houseboats in Alleppey

An Amazing Cruising with Kerala Houseboats
Alleppey and kumarakom are the major attraction of backwater tourism destination and Houseboats in Kerala. The Kerala backwater consists of an interconnected network of lake, canals, river and inlet system formed by more than 900 km of waterways. The palm lined serene backwater were once Kerala’s trade highways. In the midst of this landscape there are a number of town and cities which serves as the starting and finishing point of houseboat cruising. The backwater tourism is one of the graceful experiences. It is one of the captivating geographical wonders of the world. Many unique features of aquatic species are crab, mud skipper, frogs. Another attractions are the variety of birds like king fisher and graceful crow, darters and acrobatics. The backwater routes of Kerala have been used a transportation need in particular trading in coconut, rubber, rice and spice.

Kerala houseboats packages are more famous throughout the world. These houseboats provide an excellent opportunity to experience the charm of every aspect.  Living in houseboats with relishing fish curry and traditional Kerala meals and enjoying the Kerala backwaters is one of the most popular ways to enjoy Kerala. However, other than this there are a lots of less costly option as well that can help you enjoy the real beauty of Kerala backwaters. Tour with Alleppey houseboat is a tremendous experience with awesome ambience setup in our facilities. The greenish backwater of Alleppey can be considered as lot of cultural varieties, boat race, traditional folk dances and soothing of traditional Ayurvedic etc... Kerala houseboats are the unique attraction of Kerala tourism.  They can enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala, especially to explore the beauty of the backwaters. The backwater cruising includes sailing in kettuvalloms in the vembanattu lake, overnight trip passing through the legendary punnamada lake by viewing the unique life style of people of Kerala passing through the village. The scenic beauty of backwater will keep you spell bound throughout.

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Houseboats in Kerala

A Complete Guide on Houseboat Trip
Why backwaters in Kerala are one of kind?
A system or channel of lakes, canals, bays and streams have been given the name of Kerala Backwater, which shape more than 900 km of conduits. At better places on the state's scenes, there are urban communities and towns, which go about as the beginning and consummation purposes of houseboat travels. These backwaters have been honored with a one of a kind biological system, where the waters of the Arabian Sea meet the freshwater of the streams. In a few spots, for example, Vembanad Kayal (Kumarakom), a bank has been made so that the fresh water of the lake doesn't get blended with salt water off.
The backwaters are home to various types of seagoing creatures including frogs, crabs, mudskippers, alongside water feathered creatures, for example, darters, terns, cormorants, and kingfishers. Turtles and otters can likewise be found here. Thick shrubberies, palm trees, a few verdant plants and Pandanus bushes on the banks of the backwater, frame a lavish sight.

Choose the right time to visit kerala
In spite of the fact that the backwaters of Kerala are a year round fascination yet at the same time they are the best amongst August and May. Attempt to evade the storm to make the best of your visit. The sudden storm may ruin the a good time for you.

Choose the best Houseboats in Kerala Tour

Commonly known as Ketuvallam, Kerala houseboats are made up from indigenous eco-accommodating material. All around outfitted with contemporary solaces like a lodging, a large portion of these has a covered rooftop, produced using coconut takes off. These houseboats can accessible for a day's journey and in addition for night remain.
Classification of Houseboats
Standard Houseboat– This is a houseboat with fundamental necessities and nothing else more than this. The majority of these are without ventilation system.
Luxury/Premium Houseboat– This class of houseboats is very agreeable. Visitors can benefit the office of aeration and cooling system for around 10 hours during the evening.
Extravagance/Super luxurious Houseboat– Filled with world-class extravagances and solaces, these houseboats accompany round the clock ventilation system and very much mannered head servants.