Thursday, 16 February 2017

Origin of Snake Boat Race in Kerala

Alleppey is the most striking backwater location in Kerala. Alleppey houseboats are one of the unique attractions in Kerala tourism . It’s criss -cross of canals and beaches have rightly gotten  it’s name” Venice of East”.  The Boat race is the prominent sports and traditional competition, which is generally conducted in  monsoon in the backwater or predominant lakes. Alleppey that well known for evening cruise deal and Kerala houseboat package in backwaters includes taste and a completely different color about the event of Nehru trophy boat race.

There are numerous boat race in Alleppey each has its own story clubbed together with fabled and methodological tales.  It is one of the venues  of Nehru trophy boat race. It is the world famous boat race that still retains its amateur status. While historic and traditional sports events similar to the Kerala boat events turned wholly commercial over recent time, this unique Alleppey boat race spectacle still retains its vibrant village festival’s spirit. The race between the innumerable chundanvalloms or the snake boat race. Among many boat races are held in the season Nehru trophy race is the most popular boat race in Kerala.thousand of locals,domestic and international tourist are flocks to Kerala for this particular boat race. The Kerala’s snack boat race is one of the largest team sports in the world.

Nehru trophy boat race is the name after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is flag off the first  boat race so it is  conduced on the punnamada lake on the second Saturday of August in every year.On the day of this boat race, the lakefront is transformed into a sea of humanity around two lakh people including tourist from abroad for watching it.  Snake boat architecture was taken form from the king had dropped great losses and wanted to kiss success with a strong boat which could withstand the extreme attack.There are hymns and songs which are extraordinary and exclusively composed being sung amidst the cheering crowd of boat race.These singers represent ashtadikpalakas. There are diverse boat sungs compiled of classical trait and musical butchery. These community songs are very popular and a perfect blend of variety ,different voice modulations  having beautiful lyrics and behold legendary stories,mythological drama sequence and witticism all which imbibe utmost simplicity. Apart from the race of chundanvallom and smaller country craft and the event has in store many fascinating moment .The stunning snakes synchronized method boats allow it to be a rare vision because of which Nehru trophy boat race emerged as the most popular boat race in Kerala.

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