Monday, 7 November 2016


Kerala is one and only the state blessed with lots of natural beauty and biodiversity. The gods own country known for its lush surroundings of backwaters, and scenic ambience .Discover the mysterious beauty of Kerala that never fails to magnetize traveler. Alleppey, fascinating place un questionably blessed with backwater. It is a unique destination for backwater tourism, it is an aquatic paradise. The backwaters of Alleppey consist of an interconnected canals and lakes and river, the backwater has been blessed with a unique ecosystem, then the fresh water meet with the salt water of Arabian Sea.

 Kerala houseboats are one of the stunning attractions of Alleppey, it explores the beauty of Alleppey which is one of the way to experiencing the beauty of Kerala through palm fringed water. We spent a lot of time in Alleppey houseboats it does not disappoint. We had already spent some times in backwater village at Alleppey homestay. The back water voyage calms your worried sense and twinkle of your eye. Kuttanad is a perfect place for houseboat cruising, it sees lots of green paddy field, there was a narrow canal which is connected to a larger water body. The natural scenery, lush with the core of the backwater area, palm coconut trees are edges. During the cruising we can see the mirror image of the surroundings on the placid water. The boat cruising we can also enjoying variety of birds and bird sanctuary. Since the boat goes through the waterways, the air is cooler and the breeze too relaxing.

The houseboat cruising is one of the most attractions of Kerala tourism. The water sprite tours, now presenting a fleet of premium luxury boat with all features. The luxury houseboats are double deck. The upper deck, we can provide the stunning view of the water. The tourist has an option to choose either day cruising or overnight stay in houseboat. These houseboats in Alleppey provide more amounts of peoples and conference facilities and fully loaded kitchen .The formal living area provide TV and music for guest entertainment, the privacy is taken care off. The Kerala tour package is the best between august and may. Some of the high lights of Alleppey houseboats cruising are, the farm fields, local villages, bird sanctuary. homestay in Alleppey is a perfect blend of authentic local experience and contemporary luxury. A stroll round house feel like a lived museum, there is an abundance of curios and everything properly ordered.

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  1. Beautiful picture from backwaters of Kerala. I've cruised on this houseboats. I think kerala houseboat experience is an unforgettable moment for the newlyweds :)